Pure coffee pleasure reveals new taste adventures

  1. no impairment to taste by coffee filter paper, metal or synthetic – 100 % consummate taste
  2. full aroma – 100 % extraction of all ingredients
  3. cylindrical form of filter – 100 % even extraction, clear flavour profile
  4. high thermal storage of porcelain – keeps coffee hot for a long time
water jug
porcelain filter

Your PLUS for pure coffee pleasure at the table

Your PLUS for pure coffee pleasure at the table

  • the water jug contains the exact amount of water needed for the coffee pot
  • through to uniformly steady ingrain of water into the filter, turmoil during the extraction of the coffee powder will be avoided – and therefore no sieve necessary
  • the filtered coffee reaches a level right beneath the filter and is in no further contact with the extracted coffee powder
  • lid and filter will remain on the pot even during outpour of the coffee, therefore no loss of aroma

Simple Preparation for pure coffee pleasure

Preparation of coffee for two cups


Prewarm coffee pot and water jug.Boil water and leave to cool down to about 92° - 96° C.


Empty out the preheating water of coffee pot and water jug.
Use 16-20 g course-grind coffee and distribute evenly into the porcelain filter.
Ingrain heated wa-ter into the water jug, all the way to the filling line.
Moisten the coffee powder and let it soak about 20 seconds.
Dispense remaining water slowly and evenly over the coffee powder.
Place lid on top of the coffee pot, including filter. Pour out the fresh brewed coffee without removing filter and lid.

Further information www.aromakanne.de