SPECIALITY Coffees – Karlsbad Coffee

It is only with the Karlsbad brewing method that coffee can be brewed without any taint and the purest aroma enjoyed. Without filter paper and portafilter, the coffee machine gently filters out fats, oils, sugar and acids through its fully glazed porcelain double sieve. Around 40 grams of coffee should ideally be used for a large pot.

The Bayreuth ”coffee machine” received the ”Coffee Innovations Award 2008” for particularly outstanding coffee products for trade and gastronomy. The coffee machines, which use the Karlsbad brewing method, are handmade by Walküre.

40 grams of coffee should be freshly ground to the size of semolina grains because it is only through grinding that the coffee bean cells open, releasing their aroma and ingredients.

The Karlsbad and the Bayreuth coffee machines (picture on right) brew coffee for gourmets in the gentlest way.

To simplify cupping, the types of coffee being sampled can be written on the lid.

The Karlsbad brewing method:
Place 40 grams of coarsely ground coffee directly onto the porcelain double sieve in the upper container [1]. Place the water dispenser on top and slowly pour on seething water [2]. The water now runs through the coffee powder and the double sieve into the pot below. After brewing, remove the upper part and serve directly from the pot [3].